OC All-Stars

Sypen Van

Cheer Team & Academy Tumbling Coach
Sypen started his cheer career sophomore year at Westminster high School, being the very first male cheerleader, and continued in college and all star. He was presented one of the biggest and most prestigious awards, the “Leo Award” for his strong leadership skills. The staff noticed his dedication and commitment to the sport, so they gladly asked him to coach the team right after he graduated. He has helped build the stamina and talent at the school as well as the spirit and skills. Not only has he been a competitive cheerleader, Sypen was also a competitive dancer competing and placing top 3 at very big competitions, such as World of Dance. He continues to share his knowledge and love for cheerleading as a staff member for U.S. Spiritleaders, teaching camps and helping with competitions when needed. Sypen continues to strive to be the best he could possibly be by pushing his limits on OC All-Stars level 7 team Shadow. He is a strong influencer and constantly urges and guides young athletes to become a better version of themselves.