About Us

OC All-Stars Cheer & Dance Inc. is a private organization serving the top cheer athletes in Orange County.  We have two locations; Foothill Ranch and Anaheim.  Our goal is to provide quality athletic training in a professional, safe, fun and positive environment.  We wish to teach technical athletic skills pertaining to cheer and tumbling emphasizing perfection before progression while developing physical and emotional strength.  Our focus will be to instill self-confidence and self-esteem to promote healthy socialization and life skills.  Perhaps the most important goal we have is for your child to have fun and build lifelong friendships and memories.

While the most obvious way that we help the youth in our program is by bettering their skills and helping them reach their athletic potential, we believe our program serves a higher purpose.  Our competitive program’s primary purpose is to teach growing young adults how to work together as a team.  While each individual’s contribution is certainly important, we feel that team effort is the way to reach your goals.  Throughout a person’s life, they will be put in situations where they must work together to achieve common goals.  Whether in their professional or social life, teamwork is a lifetime lesson.  While the hours, weeks, months, even years of work that go into improving stunts, tumbling, jumps, and dance will improve your skills and your chances of cheering in college, much more important than that are the lessons you may learn about sportsmanship, working together towards goals and striving to win.

As we win trophies, banners, medals, and plaques to fill our gym, we will be proudest of the life lessons that we have been able to give to the youth in our program.