OC All-Stars

Brandon Pizarro

Cheer Team & Academy Tumbling Coach
Brandon Pizarro started cheering as a senior in high school. That same year he joined the all-star gym his high school team practiced at. He continued to cheer for teams such as South Jersey Storm, Maryland Twisters and later Spirit Explosion before moving to Texas in 2013 to attend Navarro college. While at Navarro he cheered with Cheer Athletics Wildcats for 2 years where he won 1st and 2nd place at worlds and two college national championships. He then attended Sam Houston state and won another college championship. Brandon has been a tumbling coach for about 10 years and been coed stunting for 7 years . His birthday is February 2nd and he LOVES any candy that is sour! He's still surprised he has his teeth. Brandon has worked at Cheer Athletics Austin and Woodlands Elite in Tx before moving to California and working for OC All-Stars!
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