Dance Precisions

Edith Montoya and Heather Neville are pleased to announce that Dance Precisions and OC All-Stars Dance have merged! This merge has created the opportunity for dancers across Orange County to have access to two great Dance Precisions locations. By adding a new location to the Dance Precisions family, we believe that we will create a powerful dance experience for many more students in the North and South Orange County area. We will maintain both locations, one in Anaheim and the other in Foothill Ranch at the former OC All-Stars Dance facility. Both facilities are 15 miles apart and will create a huge presence for Dance Precisions in the Orange County area.

We are providing outstanding, quality dance instruction working with both the former OC All-Stars Dance teachers and the Dance Precisions teaching staff. The exchange of ideas within both studios is creating new and better experiences for all students. Each location will retain its own identity but now we will all have a larger dance family. You will find that both studios core values are very similar and that both studios are in this business for the same inspire dancers to grow, thrive and gain confidence and to help you grow your child into a successful young adult. We can’t wait for you to continue to be part of the OC All-Stars Dance family as it transitions to a full dance studio that will maintain a presence in the All-Star Dance world.

By linking Dance Precision’s 33 years of experience in running a dance studio with OC All-Stars Dance’s unique strengths, our goal is to continue to build on that history and create a strong team at the National level. We all look forward to working with you and your children as we build a truly great future for your dancers. We hope to see you at the studio soon!

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