Dance Class Descriptions

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Dance Class Descriptions

Pre-School Dance Classes- Please see the Preschool Schedule for descriptions all available classes.

Jazz: While using music of today, this form of dance is most commonly seen on TV and videos as well as on stage. This fun class develops style, strength, flexibility, and coordination. Jazz technique classes will focus mainly on different types of turns and leaps and jazz choreography. Levels range from Beginning through IV.

Leaps & Turns: This class concentrates on the technical aspects of ballet & jazz by teaching ballet barre and a series of jumps, leaps, and turns. This class develops strength, balance, and body alignment. Beg/Int level focuses on basic technique, pirouettes, a la secondes, and basic leaps and jumps. Int/Adv level will focus on more advanced skills and a strong dance foundation is required.

Ballet: This class concentrates on the technical aspect of ballet for the purposes of improving technique. This is a structured discipline of dance that includes barre work, center combinations, turns and jumps. Level evaluation is required for each level. Levels range from Beginning through IV.

Hip-Hop: This dance style is often seen in music videos and is taught to today’s top hip-hop music. This exciting class emphasizes body movement and rhythm and is a great way to learn all of the new moves of today!

Stretch & Cond/ Extreme Flexibility: This class focuses on flexibility and muscle strengthening through exercises used in yoga, Pilates, and ballet.

Tap: A fun class which the rhythm is sounded out by the clicking taps on the heels and toes of a dancer’s shoes. Tap shoes required.

Pointe: A form of Ballet in which dancers wear specially designed shoes to allow dancers to dance on the tips of their toes. MUST BE INVITED TO THIS CLASS as well as be enrolled in another ballet class.

Lyrical & Contemporary: This style of dance is ballet and jazz based, usually done to slower songs and ballads, showing expression and interpretive emotion though movement.

Heels: Anything learned in jazz shoes can be done in heels! This jazz class works on developing style, strength, and coordination while dancing in heels. Heels class is age appropriate and teaches dancers to dance in heels to prepare them for professional work.

Musical theater: Learn Broadway style dance numbers to some of the favorites such as Footloose, Hairspray and more.

High School Song Prep: This class will work on all skills needed to make your high school song team! Tricks, turns, leaps, jumps, motions, choreography etc. Don’t miss out on preparing early to make your High School Song team. This class is open to 7th graders and above and great for those who are currently on their song team and want to make the team again and for those who will trying out for the first time.

Tumbling for Dancers: This class focuses on tumbling for the discipline of dance. Dancers will learn tumbling skills on the mats for safety and then perfect them on the dance floor. Classes are separated by levels.

Intro to 2nd turns: This class is for dancers that are in Jazz II or higher and have a clean double turn and want to learn the basics of 2nd turns (a la seconde turns)

Perfecting 2nd turns: This class is for dancers in Jazz III or higher who have multiple a la seconde turns and want to perfect them and learn more difficult turn sequences.

Dance Teams: Please see the front desk for more information. Our full year teams go from May-April and our Mid-Year teams go from Sept-April. We have competitive dance teams for ages 4-18, beginner to advanced. We have a team for EVERYONE!

Levels for dance classes range from Beginning – Level IV. Evaluation of the correct level may be required

Level I – Beginning

Level II – Intermediate

Level III – High Intermediate

Level IV – Advanced

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